The aim of this project was to choose a film director and create promotional pieces, as well as a series of products for a film festival honoring his accomplishments.

Films are one of the most popular forms of modern entertainment. The film director often develops the vision for a film and carries out this vision by translating the words on a script into compelling, dynamic images. My choice of director was Brian De Palma known for his many films ranging from graphic violence to Hitchcock-like thrillers. One of his first films was the black and white film, Bridge That Gap (1965). From there he completed many movies, finding major success with the controversial, ultra-violent film Scarface (1983). After Scarface, De Palma made two more movies before landing another one of
his now-classics: The Untouchables (1987), starring his friend Robert de Niro in the role of Chicago gangster Al Capone.

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