This project was the rebranding of Thunderbird Wines and involved creating an image of the brand that appealed to a younger and upscale audience. Never Drink Alone describes how the brand can enhance social occasions with bright festive flavors and emphasizes the role of friendship and community in the modern lifestyle.

Today’s Thunderbird community is a social network that shares the belief that a good life means challenging yourself with goals, working hard, and celebrating your accomplishments with friends, classmates and colleagues. Never Drink Alone describes how to enhance social occasions with bright festive flavors that are perfect for parties, concerts and celebrations. Thunderbird offers a line of affordable fortified wines that reinvent the “Taste of an American Classic” for a new generation.
Thunderbird is designed for today’s fast-paced lifestyle and offers a light, refreshing taste that won’t weigh you down. After a long day of working or studying, Thunderbird adds to the pleasure of good times and good friends. Thunderbird is a toast to the good times and a reminder that good friends provide a safe and responsible social environment for entertainment and enjoyment.

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