This project idealizes life in the countryside with typography and images. It offers a nostalgic view of a lifestyle that is disappearing.

The countryside seems to have all of God’s given gifts because one can find a pure environment, fresh air, clean water, a clear blue sky, simple people, and natural beauty. Of course, the countryside has its share of problems, too, but for this project it represents a dream of a fondly remembered destination.
People who live in the countryside feel well because the environment itself is fresher. Life in the countryside is slower, less noisy, and more relaxed than it is in the city.
The countryside has the advantage of being inherently better suited to human values, and offers healthier environment for living and working. In a country environment people are more natural, more helpful, and have a more loving community that is closer to a true family. Countryside living is ideal because it conjures up a romantic place where all human aspirations are attainable.

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